Easy Way to Thread Tippet on Small Flies

Most anglers tie flies onto tippet by repeatedly stabbing the tippet directly at the tiny opening in the eye of the hook. There is a more natural way that eliminates frustration, is faster and does not require magnification.

Hooked On Fly Fishing Tennessee | My Journey In The Mountains of Tennessee

A yearly goal of mine was to learn fly fishing better. Well, to put it mildly, fly fishing has set the hook in me and now I can’t put the buggy whip down. Recently my wife got the chance to go to a children’s ministry conference in the Tennessee mountains, and since I am self-employed, I took the time off and went with her.

Fly Fishing for Bluegill and Other Panfish

ANGLR Expert Jon Dietz started fly fishing about 10 years ago, but being originally from Northeast Pennsylvania he didn’t really have a lot of access to trout waters.

Steelhead Fishing with ANGLR Expert Nolan Minor

While everyone has a few crazy fishing tales to tell, steelhead fishing in the tributaries of Lake Erie in the fall seems to really draw an interesting crowd.

Fishing for Steelhead with ANGLR Expert Nolan Minor

In the corner of northwest Pennsylvania lies the next best thing to a vast ocean: one of the Great Lakes, Lake Erie. With its almost tidal surf and vast, dark, deep waters, it’s an angler’s dream. From roaming schools of smallmouth, giant walleye, and the hard fighting steelhead, Lake Erie has a species for any angler!

Winter Fly Fishing Tips With Jacob Jesionek

Don’t let the frigid water temperatures deter you from hitting the rivers and streams this winter. There’s still plenty of fish out there looking to be hooked.

Top Fly Anglers You Should Be Following

There are a lot of long winded folks out there. Some of them have a lot of knowledge to impart, and some of them just like to shoot the breeze. So who should you be watching out for, and who should you be watching? We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite fly anglers and why you should be following them.

Fly Fishing Forums Every Fly Guy or Gal Needs To Know About

Fly fishing forums are like opinions. Everyone has one, but only some are based in fact and reality. And when you’re visiting a forum, you’ll notice that there are plenty of opinions and plenty of judgement. You’ll have that. Sometimes people tend to take “free speech” too far.

Tailing Redfish – Fall Fly Fishing With Guide Matt Crowe

It is a fall day and the summer heat has fallen to cooler, more bearable temperatures and the Redfish are chewing. This is one of the best times of the year to stalk tailing Redfish on the flats, combining hunting and fishing into one sport.