Spring Walleye Fishing | Targeting Big Pre-Spawn Walleyes

Taking Advantage of Early Ice Using Your Ice Fishing Units

We are fast approaching a time that is loved by many and also hated by many, hard water season. This time of year, if it gets cold enough in your area, the top layer of ice starts to freeze over.

A Guide to the Ice Fishing Basics | Catching Fish Through The Ice

Of course, you have, anyone that really fishes have tried to give that dialed down explanation of the gear, time, and tactics that are all described by the term “fishing”.

How to Locate Hot Spots With Ice Fishing Electronics

Finding fish is a little like playing Clue, being a biologist, tarot card reading, and playing Craps. All of those things, plus skill. Ice fishing electronics can help. Knowing how to locate the fish when, where, and why takes a mixture of knowledge and skill.

A Basic Ice Fishing Setup: What to Take for Your Day on the Ice

If you’re new to the sport of ice fishing and wondering what a basic ice fishing setup looks like, you’re going to want to pay attention!

Ice Fishing Technology: The Evolution of Ice Fishing Electronics

The world of open water fishing technology is constantly changing, yet ice fishing technology has remained relatively unchanged until recent years. ANGLR has created a device that is going to change the game for ice fishing electronics.

Sturgeon Fishing Michigan: Where to Find and Catch These Iconic Fish Through the Ice

Three years ago, success when Sturgeon fishing Michigan seemed to be nothing more than luck – growing up in the Middle of Michigan, it was a rare creature that you’d hear of people catching once or maybe twice per year.

ANGLR’s Ice Fishing Resource: Your Quick Start Guide to Ice Fishing

Adding yet another power-packed informative guide to their collection, the ANGLR Labs gurus have created the Ice Fishing Quick Start Guide just for you.

Locating Bass Ice Fishing Lake Arthur With Gus Glasgow

The ice season can be some of the most exciting times to get out there and go after your fish of choice. Sometimes, you may even stumble across a school of fish you weren’t expecting to find.

Western PA Hardwater Series – Ice Fishing Tournaments for Everybody

Move over bass tournament series, there’s a new kid in town. 2019 will mark the third full season for the Western PA Hardwater series, and each year it gets bigger and better.