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Soft Plastic Storage | Three Options for Storing Soft Plastics

Soft plastic storage can be a bit of a pain. They’re cumbersome and heavy compared to their life expectancy. If you get on a good flipping bite, you could go through 2 or 3 packs in a day.

Jerkbait Storage | Storing Top 3 Storage Options for Jerkbaits

I love to mess with tackle, especially in the winter months when the conditions are less than ideal to fish at times. It seems like there’s some new tackle storage system coming out every week now, so there’s always something to try or look into.

Three Best Options for Storing Bass Fishing Weights

You either love to do tackle or you hate it. I personally really enjoy messing around with tackle when I’m not on the water. It’s my favorite way to kind of extend the experience where some anglers do the same thing through map study, reading fishing reports or studying their logbook.

Match the Hatch With Your Bait Selection While Fall Bass Fishing

The fall is heavily upon us now and this is one of the most crucial times of year to match the hatch when it comes to bait selection. With an overabundance of shad flooding the shallows of many fisheries, typically you have to pick something very similar in size and color to get bit, only depending on the action of the bait to help it stand out from the crowd.

Five 13 Fishing Baits Built for Fall Bass Fishing

As the fall ramps up, the water temps are cooling down. Fish are spread out from 20-feet deep on structure to 6-inches deep chasing bait. Then there’s also a large portion of the population suspended over deep water chasing hoards of baitfish.

Why Balsa Crankbaits are so Effective in the Fall

My first experience with balsa crankbaits was a Bagley balsa crankbait from the ’70s. It was one of the things I pulled from the tacklebox my dad used for years.