Hobie 360 Drive | Will It Change Your Fishing?

As a member of the Hobie fishing team representing Caney Fork Outdoors, I get the opportunity to take a lot of folks out to demo kayaks. It is really the easiest part of being on the team because it is definitely a brand that I believe in; a brand that sells itself. The Hobie 360 Drive, the stability of their kayak, and the features offered up until this year put it arguably at the top of the list of kayaks on the market.

Kayak Bass Fishing Northeast Anglers | Don’t Overlook Anglers From The Northeast

When I thought of fishing in the north, I pictured someone looking through a hole in the ice hoping something comes by and bites. To be honest, anywhere north of Kentucky was like the arctic as far as I was concerned until I started seriously fishing kayak tournaments; traveling to Ohio, Wisconsin, West Virginia, or Pennsylvania.

Tube Fishing for Fall Bass | A Breakdown with Zach Soulliere

Zach Souilliere grew up around Port Huron where he went to Saginaw Valley College and played ice hockey. After college he started working for a healthcare company, recruiting nurses for in-home pediatric care.

Why I Vibe | Vibe Anglers Bring More Than Fishing to Their Community

The kayak space has a different feel to it. There isn’t as much of the pushing and the shoving as there is in the big boat world.

What To Do If You Flip Your Kayak

It is fall and there are more and more kayaks on the water, but all are not created equal. It seems that many companies are recognizing the demand and offering all shapes and sizes in an effort to give consumers the most affordable options. This is great for people looking to get their feet wet, but it can also lead to your entire body immersed!

Kayak Fishing Tips | 5 Tips to Help a New Kayak Tournament Angler

These 5 tips, or what I call “lessons I learned the hard way”, are geared toward the newer kayak tournament anglers. I think it is important that you take a few minutes to understand not only what you are getting into, but to know about a couple of tiny little errors that we see happen all too often among those new to the sport.

Vibe Kayaks Comparisons | Maverick, Sea Ghost, and Shearwater

Kayak Fishing Podcasts | The Top 5 Kayak Fishing Podcasts

How to Practice for a Kayak Bass Fishing Tournament

Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost 110 Accessories | Basic Options not to Overlook

So you’ve just gone out and purchased your Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost 110. First off, congratulations on selecting an awesome kayak! But you’re not here for congratulations, you’re here to see what modifications and accessories you can or should add to make this kayak fit your needs on the water.