Early Season Musky Fishing | Finding Success on the Surface

Early season musky fishing success might just be surface deep. Time and time again you’ve heard musky experts like Joe Bucher, Chas Martin, and others talk about the importance of shallow water and the sun’s thermal effect on muskies during the early part of the season.

Tips For Musky Fishing | 20 Ways To Catch More Musky in 2020

When you think of the year 2020, it certainly sounds like we’re finally entering what previous decades thought of as “the future”.

Spring Fishing Got You in a Slump? Here’s How to Bust Out

I should have known my Spring fishing was doomed the moment I answered this question at the end of a recent fishing presentation.

Tiger Muskie Fishing in the Pacific Northwest

5 Awesome Fishing Tips to Help You Land a Big Fish

Whether you are going to fish in a river, lake, or pond, there are a few tricks and techniques that you need to apply in order for you to have an awesome fishing experience. Among the things you are required to know includes the type of fish you are looking to catch and the different baits and lures that you might need to use.

A Step By Step Guide to Changing Your Boat Propeller With Mercury Marine

Anglers and boaters alike all know the struggle of changing out a boat propeller. Whether you’re removing the boat propeller for maintenance, or replacing the boat propeller for better performance and durability, this process can leave you frustrated and scratching your head.

Must Have Fishing Gear That Isn’t Fishing Gear

We’re always talking with ANGLR Experts and finding out their favorite rigs and favorite baits. But, we also hear about other things that they just can’t live without that have nothing to do with fishing, but are absolute staples.

Top 10 Musky Lures for 2019 with Guide Steven Paul

The sport of musky fishing is truly in its golden age. Through many years of conservation and angler education, not only the size but the number of muskies encountered has drastically increased.

Is That A Quality Fishing Rod? Tips for a Visual Inspection

Many anglers head over to their local tackle shop to buy fishing gear, including rods. The selection can be overwhelming, and at larger stores like Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s you could be left wondering which are a quality fishing rod and which are junk.

6 SUP Fishing Essentials for the Serious Angler

No matter how you fish, having the right gear can make the difference between bringing home a nice haul of fish and walking back to shore after a frustrating, unsuccessful day.