Fishing Sarasota, Florida | Targeting the Pelagic Fall Run with Captain Jim Klopfer

Fall is a great time to be fishing Sarasota, Florida. The crowds are gone, the weather is pleasant, and the fish are biting! The changes are subtle, but fall does arrive in Florida.

Tarpon Fishing | Sarasota Tarpon Fishing with Captain Jim Klopfer

Sarasota offers visiting anglers several different fishing opportunities. They can fish the inshore flats for action and variety, target snook in the backwaters, or go offshore for grouper and snapper.

Shark Fishing From Shore with Guide Tyler Barnes

Tyler has been shark fishing for 14-years on the banks of North Carolina. After basically being raised on the shore fishing for whatever would bite, he picked up shark fishing as a bit of an adrenaline rush.

Tautog Fishing | How To Catch Tautog Using Togzilla Jigs

For most of my fishing life I have been obsessed with striped bass. However, in recent years I have really enjoyed branching out and fishing for other species.

How to Catch Striped Bass From Shore at Night With Ryan Collins

Striped bass are resilient creatures which can inhabit waters as deep as 500-feet, or as shallow as 1-foot. Where I fish in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, it is not unusual to find schools of stripers miles offshore one day, and then the next day find them feeding well within casting range of the beach.

Snook Fishing Tactics: How to Target and Catch Snook

Down in Central Florida, about an hour north of Tampa, we met up with James Sauer, ANGLR Expert, to get some insight into snook fishing tactics. Besides taking a short break to pursue teenage dreams, Sauer has been a fisherman his whole life, and an avid one at that for the past 15 years.

Cobia Fishing Offshore & Along the Coast of Florida

Fishing for Sharks and Tagging Sharks with Guide Tyler Barnes

Fishing for sharks is something that may be on your bucket list if you have a taste for a good fight and an interesting time. ANGLR Expert Tyler Barnes is a guide based out of Emerald Island, North Carolina near Swansboro. He’s been there his whole life, growing up in the backwaters.

Inshore Kayak Fishing for Redfish in North Carolina

Think you’d like to try your hand at inshore fishing, but not quite sure how to get started? ANGLR’s turned to yet another ANGLR Expert, Steve Moore, to give the low down on exactly how you can get started inshore kayak fishing for redfish or red drum.

Cape Cod Giant Bluefin Tuna Fishing with Guide Ryan Collins

I am blessed to have grown up just a few miles from where giant bluefin tuna fishing is prime. There are plenty weighing in upwards of 1,000 pounds roaming the sea.