Take a couch trip,
We recommend it.

There’s a lot to think about on the water, which is why we recommend you take a minute to explore ANGLR from the couch before your next fishing trip. Connect with friends, learn how to navigate between modes, build your profile, log gear, connect a device—should we keep going? You can always delete or edit a trip after the fact, so don’t worry if your first trip is from home.

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Connect with Friends

Like most things, ANGLR is better with friends. Connect with friends so you can tag them in trips, compete and share your memories on the water with the ones who matter most.

Connect with Friends on The ANGLR App

Log Gear

Log gear to find out what works and what doesn’t. ANGLR can help you discover the most successful rod and reel combinations in your locker by collecting data from your fishing trips. Let’s put some fish in the boat.

Connect a Device

Bullseye Pro gives users the opportunity to go hands-free. Keep your eyes on the water, not your phone. Connect, customize, clip and you’re done.


Record a Trip

Trip recording makes it easy to build a log of all your favorite fishing memories. When you record a trip, you enable a variety of on-the water features at once.

These actions turn into personalized trips details that get saved to your profile. When you’re ready to relive an experience, you can always access your stats and share memories with friends.

Log Catches / Drop Waypoints

Compete in Challenges

When you’re ready, ANGLR is home to a variety of Challenges designed for anglers of all experience levels. Compete against friends and win prizes.


Share a kayak

Share a lure

Share a catch, waypoint or photo

Share a rod and reel combo