Entirely new features!

Here is what's new with your app.

New Activity Feed: Engage with friends and the ANGLR community

Inside the new activity feed you will find challenges in the Explore tab and an activity feed for all of the ANGLR community and your Friends. Badges and Challenges show automatically and you have full control of your privacy from the trip start screen or new edit trip function on all trips.

New Community and Friend Sharing: Make your trips visible to friends and the ANGLR community

Set your trip privacy so friends or the ANGLR community can view them. Users will be able to see your trip posted in the activity feed after the trip is over. You control who sees what.

New Profile Activity: view public activity in your profile or friends activity by viewing their profile.

When you view your own profile, you'll see all the trips you've made public or friends only along with your challenges and badges. When you visit another ANGLR user's profile, you'll see all the trips they've made public, and if you are friends, any trip they have made friends only.

New LIVE Trip Banners: watch community members and friends fish live from the top of the new activity feed.

When you or anyone in the ANGLR community chooses to go live to the community or friends, your live trip will be shown in the activity feed for friends or the community to watch you fish.

Tag Friends on Trips: Fishing with friends is always better. Now tag friends who fished with you to trips before or after the fun.

The next time you start a fishing trip you can add the people you're fishing with.  Or you can add them later to past trips saved in your logbook. Don't worry you still have full control of your privacy from the trip start screen or afterwards inside trip edit mode.

New November Challenges are live!

Four new challenges are going on this month. Join up and catch some fish. Its not too late to level up your stats and bragging rights... We're hooking you up with cool rewards!

In case you missed the last big ANGLR update!

is now live!

Unlock fishing data, 14 mapping overlays & powerful tracking with Bullseye*. ANGLR PRO brings a whole new meaning to fishing intelligence. -> Check out map layer inside the ANGLR app.
(*for a limited time - ANGLR Bullseye included!)

Trip notes to remember the details. Now create trip notes on any trip.

One of the most heavily requested feature, trip notes now allow you to add anything you want to the specific trips inside logbook.  Access trip notes by editing the trip.

We've added new privacy settings for any trip.

This feature is in preparation for whole new interactions between you, your friends and the ANGLR community. You control your trip privacy for any trip taken in the past or in the future.

A note from our team...

Our roadmap for the remainder of 2021 is stacked full of new app releases that will bring the ultimate fishing app for you and friends to find more enjoyment in fishing together.

We thank you deeply for the love and support you've given us in the pursuit of creating a home for all of our fishing lives!

Tight Lines,
The ANGLR team

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