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Apple Watch App

The first Anglr companion watch app for your iPhone. If you have an Apple watch and love using the Anglr app, you'll enjoy this update!

The Anglr Apple Watch App

The Anglr App for the Apple Watch has the simplicity of 3 core screens to keep your phone in your pocket and your line in the water. See weather conditions, start your fishing trip, review stats and more right from your wrist.

Connect with Friends on The ANGLR App
Connect with Friends on The ANGLR App

Start and Stop Your Trip From Your Wrist

When you are ready to go fishing, recording your trip is quick and easy. The large start button will begin your fishing trip and automatically start recording the trip on your phone.

Monitor Trip Statistics & Weather Conditions

With one swipe of your finger from the main trip record screen you can see statistics, trip duration, distance, number of catches and number of waypoints. Swipe again and check or monitor the current weather conditions. Now you can leave your phone in your pocket and see how many more catches you have than your buddy!

Connect with Friends on The ANGLR App
Connect with Friends on The ANGLR App

Finish the Trip and Review Post Trip Data on Your iPhone

When your arms are sore, exhaustion sets in and you are ready to call it a day, stop your trip from the watch and review your detailed trip information on your phone. Whether you start or stop your trip from your watch or your phone, the two will stay in sync during your trip.

Connect with Friends on The ANGLR App
Get Started

Pair ANGLR watch app using the iPhone that's connected to the Apple Watch

1. On your iPhone, open the Watch app.
2. Tap the My Watch tab.
3. Apps that you can install appear in the Available Apps section. Scroll to the ANGLR app.
4. To add ANGLR to your watch, tap Install.

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** ANGLR watch App require iPhone software 14.0 and Apple watch software of 7.0 or higher.

Profile Enhancements

Friends Live Trip Now Visible from Profile

Tune in to your friends real time fishing trips so you stay up to date with the action Now when your friends go live you can access their trips from their profiles. You can access your friends list with the new friend button or find friends by clicking the people icon at the top right of the profile.

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