ANGLR was founded by three close friends in western PA with a simple light bulb idea, “lets create a home for anglers who want to have fun, improve their skills with the help of technology and data, and connect with friends so we can share our adventures on and off the water.” ANGLR’s mission still relates to these original core values: fun, improvement, and friendship.

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Fishing starts with a rod, reel, and bait, but evolves into a deep dedication to honing your skills, making lifelong friends, and telling epic stories. At ANGLR, we live for the fun, the catch, and the time we get to spend with friends on the water.

From real-time fishing logbooks to weekly fishing challenges, Anglr is constantly improving the experience on and off the water. To put it simply, we love to fish so we built Anglr. Now get out there and catch something!

B2B Program Photo
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