Together, We Can Better Sport Fishing

ANGLR’s goal to better sport fishing starts with a dedication to anglers, who, more than anything, love to fish. Our technologies have been designed with avid fishermen in mind and we remain hyper-focused on our mission to constantly improve the fishing experience for our users.

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Our B2B program falls right in line with our Live for the Water motto as we look to enhance the user experience through strong partnerships, teaming with brands who share our vision and obligation to improve sport fishing across the country and soon, the world.

Brands on the ANGLR app immediately become an authentic part of an angler’s fishing experience and the ANGLR community as a whole. We are the most connected and engaged community of outdoor enthusiasts. Our network makes it possible for passionate anglers to have more fun on the water, connect and share experiences, and unlock their full fishing potential. Behind every one of our Partner Challenges, Clubs, Co-Marketed Events, and Sponsored Integrations is an angler having fun. Our passionate network of anglers need fishing partners, not manufacturers.

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Kiss Traditional Advertising Goodbye

Traditional ads are no match for getting people out on the water doing what they love. Anglers want an experience that can’t be replicated anywhere else but on the water. Our co-branded Challenges give Partners a chance to go fishing with the Anglr community and give them more than an ad on a phone screen. Challenge your brand loyalists to compete for a chance to engage with your brand outside of the check out process. This real-time engagement is only available on ANGLR.

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ANGLR was designed for those who Live for the Water, not for those who want another fishing tool. We found that by creating networks, new users found a path to Anglr without heavy marketing or advertisement. These networks were built from users that wanted to grow, compete, collaborate and share memories with friends while on the water.

Our Partners have contributed to this network by supporting the functions and features that enhance our user’s time on the water. Challenges make it possible for our mission, to better sport fishing possible because it requires a combination of everything we love about fishing to take place all in one location, ANGLR.

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