Ding your catch.
Get back to the water.

ANGLR Bullseye

#1 Bluetooth device for recording your day on the water.

The ANGLR Bullseye is the easiest and fastest way to mark waypoints and catches without ever pulling out your phone or tapping around on a graph. Wear, stick, or hang this small, simple, and convenient button anywhere. Click Bullseye and automatically record catch locations, editable waypoints, conditions and more. At the end of the day, you’ll have all the information in as little or as much detail as you need. This button is included with your ANGLR Pro subscription.

Everything you need in one device

  • Real-time trip logging
  • Two clicks records waypoints
  • Press & hold to change gear
  • Real-time weather & water records
  • Clip or stick anywhere
Air temperature, barometric pressure, wind speed & direction, cloud coverage, UGGS gage data, trip distance, catch time, catch location, and more

Product Details

  • Pairs with free ANGLR Fishing App
  • No charging required! 2-year battery life (non-replaceable)
  • Works even when you go out of cell service
  • All data you capture is 100% private by default
  • Works for any Lowrance MFD units with Wifi.
  • Weather proof (IP54)
  • Clips to anything
  • Adhesive back can be removed for sticking anywhere
  • Includes apparel clip
  • Works for saltwater fishing, bass fishing, kayak fishing, trolling, ice fishing, and fly fishing
How it works
  1. Clip, stick, or attach to hat, waders, foot peddles, etc
  2. Connect via Bluetooth directly to ANGLR app, cell service required
  3. Once ready to fish, start a trip on ANGLR and press the Bullseye once to connect
  4. Click Bullseye once to record catches with weather, water, and location details
  5. Click Bullseye twice to drop editable waypoints in precise locations
  6. Press & hold Bullseye to swap gear and tackle inside the ANGLR app
  7. Your logged activity privacy is controlled by you. Share only if you want

More Information

  • Weight: 0.48 ounces
  • Size: 0.75 inches
  • Weatherproof (IP54) & Saltwater resistant
  • 2-year nonreplaceable lithium battery
  • No cell service needed
  • Compatibility: from iOS 9.0+, Android 7.0+, Bluetooth 4.0+ with BLE
  • One (1) year no questions asked warranty
  • Box contains: ANGLR Bullseye with clip for lanyard, hats, or apparel