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Start on the water with America's best fishing trip technology.

ANGLR turns every iPhone and Android into a powerful fishing tool that records the details that matter most for improving your fishing time.  Start ANGLR before fishing and you can track your favorite waters, broadcast to friends, complete fishing challenges, and so much more.
Don't take away from fishing time with screen time. Connect compatible devices to get more logging without spending time on your phone.
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Real-time conditions, catch patterns & gear breakdowns that improve your catching.

A single app that logs your fishing activity to measure the performance of catching.  ANGLR syncs to most devices - your smart phone, Apple watch, fishing electronics, or virtual fishing rods - and records real world fishing information for you.

Fishing Solo is Fun.
Fishing with Friends is Better!

ANGLR is the only closed social network for anglers and their fishing friends.

When you fish, your fishing friends can join in. With full control, you choose to how to engage. From broadcasting live trips, sharing trip details, or competing in a friendly challenge, ANGLR has it. Enjoy the pure nature of how fishing was intended to be enjoyed... with real friends.

Fishing is fun.
That's why we fish.

Who said fishing can't be more fun? Tons of fishing fun, prizes, and content - from monthly fishing challenges, catch badges, gear freebies, or expert tip and tricks, ANGLR has it here for you to enjoy.

LIVE Trips: share live trips so friends catch all the action.

Sometimes we wish our friends could have joined us. With ANGLR's Go LIVE trip feature friends can tune-in and watch your real-time fishing activity.  Friends are kept up to date with your GPS positions, catches, photos, weather changes and more.

Jump into fishing data that improves your catching.

We grew up with logbooks. Now we have ANGLR PRO.

ANGLR PRO unlocks 14 map layers, real-time weather overlays, USGS & NOAA water gages, and delivers Bullseye waypoint tracker to your door. ANGLR PRO is the best of the best for bringing out more fishing intelligence directly to your fingers.  We've stepped closer to turning catching into a science.

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America's most powerful on the water fishing app.

If you fish, we built this for you. With millions of fishing activities it's no surprise that serious anglers are here.  From automatic trip recording, robust trip analysis, fishing challenges, deep friendships, and just pure fishing fun - we're here to help you live your best fishing life.  Now, let's go fishing!
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