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Anglr App Interface

You fish, we’ll handle the rest.

Trip recording makes it easy to build a log of all your favorite fishing memories. When you record a trip, you enable a variety of on-the water features at once.

  • Log Catches
  • Drop waypoints
  • Add friends to trips
  • Mark when and where you swap gear
  • Access minute by minute weather and water conditions

These actions turn into personalized trips details that get saved to your profile. When you’re ready to relive an experience, you can always access your stats and share memories with friends.

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Derek Horner
2017 PA Bass Federation State Champion
“ANGLR helped me catch more fish and win a trophy on Chautauqua Lake.”

Q: ANGLR collects data to help anglers improve on the water. What data helped you succeed prior to the tournament?

A: Practice was tough and I had zero confidence the night before the tournament. However, I knew my first day of practice was okay so I hopped on ANGLR to analyze my data. The data revealed that I caught a handful of largemouth on topwater. Even closer analysis showed that I need cloud coverage for my topwater bait to get choked. This was the key to my success and because I logged my gear, tracked my trips, and marked my catches, it was easy to find the answer.

Q: How did you use ANGLR the day of the tournament?

A: Of course the day of the tournament there were no clouds. Thankfully I was able to hang around by piecing together a decent limit for somewhere around 12 pounds skipping docks. And then it happened, cloud coverage. I went back into ANGLR to locate the topwater spots I marked using the waypoints feature during practice. I arrived literally as the sun fell behind the clouds and tossed my spook. After two five pounders, the clouds moved on, and I was headed for weigh-ins.

Q: What would you say to anglers who don’t know about ANGLR?

A: ANGLR helps you catch fish, period. The amount of data this app collects is the key to finding success on the water. It’s helped me unlock my potential and I will continue to utilize the app moving forward so I stay improving. The ANGLR App is free to download and free to use. Download this software and bring home some hardware!

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William Strasburg
Georgia Angler
“Great anglers aren’t as lucky as you think.”

William learned how to fish from his father. His father’s tool set was the standard rod, reel, lures, and miscellaneous odds and ends, but his greatest tool was his logbook. His logbook was used to record daily water and weather conditions, a target species and which lure, line, and gear was used to put the desired species in the boat. He’d log his catches to get a better understanding of what conditions lead to success on the water and over time, the logbook helped William’s father unlock his potential on the water.

William writes,

“50 plus years later I’ve found my own logbook. ANGLR has allowed me to record catches with weather and water conditions baked in. I’ve logged my gear into the app and set up my profile to keep track of all my fishing adventures.

The biggest advantage ANGLR provides compared to old man’s logbook is the mapping feature or trip record. Marking the location of structures, points, drop-offs or other features can be accomplished with the push of a button. In addition, I can log my cathes to a spot on the map plus add length, weight, species and gear used.

If fishing is all about luck, your luck increases with historical knowledge. To be lucky consistently, you need to pay attention to patterns. ANGLR has helped me become a better fisherman thanks their logbook and other resources.”

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Stephen Jesso
“I used to drive myself crazy trying to keep a paper log of where, what, and how I caught fish.”

“The ANGLR Bullseye made my life a whole lot easier. Now with a simple click of a button I get all the information I need sent straight to my phone. No more dealing with a paper and pen on the water. The Bullseye allows me to easily see and put patterns together that would take hours to recreate on paper. Now, instead of guessing what they’re going to eat and how they’re going to be positioned, I can look at my ANGLR logbook and almost know for certain what I need to be throwing and what areas I need to focus on.”

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Gregg Rokavec
Proud ANGLR Dad
“ANGLR’s LIVE feature lets me watch my son compete in real-time.”

“My son competed in the BASS High School National championship in October of 2020 on Kentucky Lake in Tennessee. Each morning he’d go Live and we watched him fish in real time! As a parent, this was awesome. We normally hangout at the boat launch waiting for weigh-ins with very little idea of what happened on the water. But now it’s as easy as opening the ANGLR app and tuning in! ANGLR has changed fishing for me and as a youth fishing coach, Live Mode has plenty of benefits for parents, coaches and teams!”

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James Ellis
“ANGLR’s technology has completely changed the way that I approach fishing any body of water.”

“I used to think my day-to-day success was limited to fundamental factors such as the type of bait I’m using, the time of day, the area I’m fishing, and/or whether the fish are “on or off that day.” When I started utilizing the ANGLR app and Bullseye, I realized there was a laundry list of other factors that contributed to my success on the water. The functions of the ANGLR app allow me to track and pair data from previous fishing trips with the day-to-day weather conditions. This has completely changed my on-the-water decision making process. ANGLR has allowed me to understand why I’m having success: where I did, when I did, and how it all ties it all together. Thank you for helping me become a better angler.”

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Dylan Edwards
“ANGLR has bettered my experience on the water.”

“ANGLR has helped me become a better fishermen in many ways. When I travel to a new body of water for a high school tournament, the app helps me keep track of fish size (especially the derby worthy ones). Along with that, ANGLR helps me keep track of my past bait selection so I know which scenarios are best to throw a particular bait. ANGLR has given me the technology to improve. Without ANGLR, it would have been much harder for my partner and I to qualify for the BASS High School National Championship last October."

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Carrie Cates
“The ANGLR app has made me a better angler by providing crucial information on and off the water.”

“I can track my movements and catches within a body of water to hone in on key spots throughout the year. I can analyze data like water temperatures, wind, weather, barometer changes and lures used. When you have all of this information in one place, it’s easier to understand why you’re having success and/or what changes need to be made to improve the next time you’re in tournament play. “

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